Broomgrove 8 Oakbrook 1

In the final match of the season for Broomgrove, two changes were forced upon the team, with Mark and Raj on holiday, Antoine made his third appearence and Mike made his debut. Even though the championship was already sealed  a near perfect season of 9 wins 1 loss was the next aim.

After the first set of rubbers Broomgrove were 2-1 up with a close set of games. After the one disapointment of Gerry and Peters loss in the first set of rubbers, the rest of the fixtures were closely fought, but plain sailing in the results, with 6 rubbers taken in a row. A brilliant debut for mike partnered with an inspired jason and antoine now gaining more experience in the first team as well, whilst Gerry and Peter were as sturdy as ever.  It sets up an exciting season next term with a Broomgrove squad over 10 deep in division 3, which is both refreshing and encouraging.

Our target will of course be promotion but only hard work over the summer will give us a chance of doing so, graves are an example of how the step up in league can be very tricky. In the mean time we can revel in the victory and satisfaction of winning the league. I hope to see many people at the dinner dance and congratulations on a very good season to all who are involved with the club.


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