Broomgrove mens Officially the best Broomgrove 8- Abbeydale 1

After a few weeks rest the broomgrove mens team were ready to play their fierce championship rivals Abbeydale. As it stood a win for Abbeydale would strenghen their 2nd position in the hunt for promotion whilst already promoted Broomgrove would be crowned division champions with a game to go if they managed to win. The game was on!

With many close failures in the past haunting broomgrove men, they wanted to start well and set the precident for the remainder of night. Indeed any nervous energy was positively transformed into a winning formula with 2 of the first three rubbers going in our favour. This meant that if Broomgrove won their next set of three rubbers they would have won the match and the league. As the rubbers started finishing, Adam and Raj had swept aside their opposition whilst Mark and Jason and Gerry and Peter had tied after 2 games and moved into the decisive third game. With Mark and Jasons win, it meant the onus was on the most experienced shoulders of Gerry and Peter to finish off the game. Indeed much to our delight Peter forced an error off the opposition, causing the shuttle to decend in slow motion about 5 inches wide of the side tramlines.


However in our competitive manor a normal win was not enough, we wanted to show our talent by finishing off the second placed team good and proper, with cofidence sky high, the final 3 rubbers sailed by all 3 going our wayfor a fantastic 8-1 victory over our promotion rivals.

Champagne- well cava poured from the heavens and delight was etched upon the broomgrove collective face.!

Al that is left to say is Well Done to all who have played and trained with the team this season. Bring on the next opponent – Oakbrook and most importantly


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One Response to Broomgrove mens Officially the best Broomgrove 8- Abbeydale 1

  1. Peter says:

    Great result, great season and a great captain!!!!

    I’m completley stoked.


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