Oakbrook vs. Broomgrove Mens 4-5 (13/02/09)

A changed team with Antoine replacing the unavailable Peter, arrived at Oakbrook wanting to erase the memory of deficit against Wisewood 1 as quickly as possible. The experienced opposition had other ideas however. With Antoine making his debut it was always going to be difficult for his pairing with Gerry to win rubbers as league matches are a lot different than social matches. However the pair gave a battling performance and even though they did not win a rubber they took the opposition close on all 3 occasions, battling for every point and showing exactly what this Broomgrove team is about – 100% effort. Meanwhile Raj and Adam won a close encounter with the opposition 1st pairing and beating the other pairs quite convincingly. A performance by the pairing which had not ben seen for the last few matches and hopefully a sign that they are back on top form. Meanwhile, without doubt the top performance of the night was by Mark and Jason. After beating their opposite 3rd pairing, a close rubber loss against the Oakbrook 1st pairing set up a tense battle against the 2nd pairing in a all or nothing rubber with the score being 4-4.
The pair however showed a calm and controlled side to their game and provided much relief and celebration with the win in 2 games. I don’t think any of the team could have coped if it had gone to a 3rd game.
All that i left to say is WELL DONE and keep up the good work, next up is a Gosforth team we beat 8-1 away and hopefully a similar result can be achieved this coming Friday at Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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