Yonex All England Tourny 2009

Hi all

The 2008/09 professional badminton season is well under way.

The Yonex All England Open is scheduled to be held this year from the 3-8th March 2009 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.

This email is to canvass opinion if any members of the club would be interested in attending part of the event – probably either for the quarter finals (Fri 6th), semi finals (Sat 7th) and/or the finals (Sun 8th).

Ticket prices will depend on availability, membership status, discount eligibility and which days people would be interested to attend. The full programme, ticket prices and further information about the whole event are available on the All England Badminton website – http://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/text.asp?section=592&sectionTitle=The+Yonex+All+England+Open+2009

It’d be good to get a group of us down there, have a laugh and watch the pro’s at their best. If you’re interested, please let me know. I’ll be booking tickets by the end of the month.


Raj Dhimar | Broomgrove Badminton Club | T: 07795434448 | E: r.dhimar@shu.ac.uk

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5 Responses to Yonex All England Tourny 2009

  1. stevedow says:

    Count me in for the Friday

  2. Rajio says:


    Any movement on the search for accomodation?

  3. stevedow says:

    Ah. Not yet matey. I will definately have a look this weekend.

  4. Rajio says:

    Ok, great.

  5. stevedow says:

    All booked up squire. See email for details.

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