Broomgrove Combined vs. Nomads 7-2 (28/11/08)


Broomgrove vs Nomads – the only two teams in the league with an unblemmished record, it was always going to be an interesting encounter (For you statistic lovers out there, Nomads record against the two teams Broomgrove had already played was identical, 5-4 on both occasions). Indeed it turned out to be rather more interesting than anticipated. Broomgrove had to make 3 changes to the team which won their previous match against Stocksbridge, meaning that a shuffle of pairings was needed. This meant every pairing tonight, had never played a competitive match together. Nevertheless the opening rubbers showed that although there may have been a lack of experience within the pairings there was definitely not a lack of talent, winning both the mens and womens 1&2 pairings matches. This feat had not occurred previously this season until tonight. However with Nomads 3rd man not arriving on time, the remaining women’s match and the mixed matches would commence. An hour and a half after the match had started Nomads finally had a complete team and with Broomgrove being 3-1 up at this point Nomads were wishing that their late arrival could turn things around. As it was, he couldn’t, as Sally and Adam made it 4-1 and Broomgrove only needed one more rubber for the victory. This was secured in the next match as Becca and Jason, who were both playing their first combined fixture of the season won in style. Even though the match result had been decided Nomads maintained a steely approach to the game contesting every point fiercely (maybe too fiercely, non circular shuttlecocks aside)!
In the end Broomgroves strength showed and 7-2 was the final result, with Mary playing all her rubbers to 3 games, Adam and Jason winning all 3 of their rubbers, meanwhile Thor and Becca making their debut for the team this season brought with them a new dimention and played excellent. Team captain Sally managed to win her first mixed rubbers of the season and guided the team to a very convincing and satisfying victory.
Bring on Abbeydale!


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