Gosforth vs Broomgove Mens 1-8 (10/11/08)


Gosforth were the next opponent on Broomgroves agenda. With confidence sky high from two strait wins, we went in with the bit between our teeth, ready for another battle on court. As it turned out Broomgrove has become a well oiled machine only 3 matches in, with all 3 pairings winning their first rubbers. Then something special happened, the second set of rubbers went similarly well, giving us a 6-0 overall lead. Need I say that of course the 5th match winning rubber was once again won by Jason and Mark. Into the final set of rubbers a whoopass 9-0 was still on the cards. However Adam & Raj and Mark & Jason still had to play Gosforths 1st pairing which took Gerry and Peter to two close games, 21-19 on both occasions. Unfortunately Mark and Jason couldn’t dispose of their tricky opposition but made the opposition work hard for their rubber win. As it turned out that was the only rubber Gosforth won with the final two encounters going in Broomgroves favour. Tonight was an impressive display by the team, surely earmarking their promotion credentials, highlighted by the fact that in half of the games, the opposition failed to reach double figures.
The team now has a break until the new year, when a barrage of fixtures in quick succession will test our stamina and guile, however from the performace’s so far I have no doubt that Broomgrove can raise to the challenge and keep driving forward.
Well done guys!


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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