Abbeydale VII vs Broomgrove Men’s 3-6 (02/11/08)


After the win against Wisewood 2 weeks earlier, Broomgove mens team were in high spirits for the Sunday evening match against Abbeydale. After a good long warm up the match started with a loss against Abbeydales 1st pairing, much like the previous fixture. However this trend did not continue with pair 2 Adam and Raj and pair 3 Gerry and Peter, both winning their opening encounters. The crucial game between Broomgroves 3rd pair and Abbeydales 1st pair started at the same time as Jason and Mark took to court in their second rubber. Unfortunately Jason and Mark lost in a close encounter whilst Gerry and Peter remained on court in a tight game. Raj and Adam swept aside the Abbeydale 3rd pairing and came off court at the same time as Gerry and Peter, who had finally resolved an epic game and were victorious in 3 games! Two of the games were reolved by a scoreline of 25-23. This momentum meant that with 3 rubbers left, Broomgrove only needed one more rubber to clinch victory and maintain their unbeaten start of the season. Mark and Jason therefore did what they do best and gained Broomgrove the 5th rubber. The last remaining rubbers although only being played for pride were still ferocious encounters. It seemed however that the marathon encounter by Gerry and Peter against Abeydales 1st pair had sapped the energy away from both teams, as Adam and Raj fairly straitforwardly disposed of Abbeydales 1st pair. Meanwile Gerry and Peter went to 3 games against Abbeydales “grunting” 2nd pairing and although they were ahead at the halfway point in game 3, unfortunately they were edged at the death. All this meaning that Broomgrove once again won by a 6-3 scoreline, in a match that produced some high quality badminton and all pairings contributed to the victory. Next up Gosforth, can a 7-2 scoreline or better be pull out of the bag? Well I’ll let you know next Tuesday. until then congratulations Broomgrove and keep up the good work


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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