A defiant Raj, blitzes past his opponents in the esteemed Sheffield Staff Hallam badminton summer league!


As part of its commitment to providing sport for all, Sport Hallam offers a comprehensive programme of intra mural sport throughout the year, which is organised under the League Hallam banner. The leagues are competitive but friendly, and any staff member can join in the fun – you don’t need previous experience”.

In the summer of 2008, Raj Dhimar from the Learning and Teaching Institute entered the Sheffield Hallam University Badminton singles tournament with hopes of success.

Despite being a novice to the singles game, Raj’s all-round consistency, agility, core strength and stamina were just too much for his four staff opponents from across the University.

After smashing his way through his first three games, Raj confidently triumphed to win his last match, and ultimately his group, despite some tricky resistance, from his respectable opponents who tested the skills of Raj’s game.  See the full fixtures and table results here http://extra.shu.ac.uk/leaguehallam/bad_res.html

Raj hopes to have a repeat performance in next summer’s staff league competition.


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