Wisewood I – Broomgrove Men’s 3-6 (15/10/08)


Broomgrove mens team eagerly anticipating their first match of the season, arrived early at wisewood to limber up and be prepared for the battle about to commense.

However they certainly did not hit the floor running, with the first 2 rubbers being conceded to wisewood in close matches. Whether it be antoine’s aftershave who came to give support, or lack of match practice that was putting the team off their game it would need a big push to turn the match around.

In the end it took the guile and experience of Peter and Gerry’s combination to break our duck for the season and claw a game back. As the fixture progressed we found ourselves 3-2 down at the half way point. The turning point of the match however came as Gerry and Peter played fantastically to beat the oppositions 1st pairing to a chorous of yelps of delight by the always competitive Peter. From then on in, the remaining 4 rubbers went broomgroves way with Adam and Raj easing past the oppositions 2nd and 3rd pairing, whilst Jason and Mark put their smashing arms on beating Wisewoods 1st pair to give Broomgrove an unassailable lead.

Despite the victory being in the bag, Gerry and Peter put a sparkle on the performace winning the last rubber of the match in 3 games resulting in a 6-3 win. As I approached the changing room after the match a strange noice was arrupting from inside (not dissimilar to that of a roaring lion), i apprehensively entered and was gladly greeted by celebrations by the Broomgrove team from within.

Now we have got the preseason dust out of our motors, i can definately see good things happening for the mens teams this season after last seasons dissapointment.

One final thing hoohah and whoopass!



About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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