Grenhileg 2 vs. Broomgrove Combined – 27/02/08

An away 7-2 victory against Grenhilheg resulted in smiles all round for the Broomgrove Combined team in this their penultimate match of the season. This was not only due to the hard fought matches against a very competitive home side, but also because it confirms our promotion for next season!

Knowing that court time was limited to 2 hours, the team all arrived early and were ready to play as soon as the nets were up. Although playing against one of the other two teams vying for promotion, the match took on a quite relaxed feel as we managed to win the first 3 rubbers, setting ourselves up in a commanding position. One pairing that continues to improve on a match by match basis is Mary and Cray – again winning both of their mixed games! (…however, Cray, not happy with performance, summoned the energy to continue practising in a few games with the home side’s social players after the match was finished – I don’t know where he gets the energy!).

So onwards to Gosforth for our last game of the season, where a victory will see us close off the season as champions, and send us up to division 3 in style (much to the chagrin of Sue and Mary! 🙂 )


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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4 Responses to Grenhileg 2 vs. Broomgrove Combined – 27/02/08

  1. Cray says:

    I’d say, my energy from Friday came from foot long Subway, Sweet Chilli Checken. 🙂

  2. stevedow says:

    Is that your secret? In that case, I’m ditching my pre-match diet of pasta snacks and heading on down to the Subway on West Street! 😛

  3. Peter says:

    Does this mean that the captainow has to supply foot long subways for the team?
    Can I have a beef salad please?
    I’m glad that this is only for the combined team!

    Anyway well done everyone – we are champions!!
    Special thanks to Steve for the great organisation.
    Bring on division 3.


  4. stevedow says:

    Thanks Peter, I enjoyed playing in the team this year. Of course it looks like I’ll be a bit busier next season. Buying 5 foot long subways each match is going to require me getting a part-time job.

    Good luck in the men’s match tonight!

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