Phoenix II vs. Broomgrove Combined – 05/02/08

Our first loss of the season as a young Phoenix team won 5-4 at their home venue.

We played a good match, particularly in the mixed games and the match was poised at 4-4, and 20-20 in the final game of the last rubber!  A closer match it could not have been against a very talented young team.

A special thanks to Mickey who stood in for Cray at the last minute, and who played very well in his first combined match of the season.

We now have the early opportunity to exact our revenge this Friday (15th Feb), so for social players hoping to see a good match, try to come down for 7pm.

Go Broomgrove!


About stevedow

I update the website for the best badminton club in Sheffield: Broomgrove Badminton Club. When not doing that, I work as an Academic Skills teacher, spend time with my beautiful two girls and wife, and play as much badminton as time allows!
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