All England Badminton Championships 4th-9th March

The professional badminton season is well under way.

The All England Badminton Championships are scheduled to be held this year from the 4-9th March 2008 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.

This email is to canvass opinion if any members of the club would be interested in attending part of the event – probably either the quarter finals (Fri 7th), semi finals (Sat 8th) and/or grand final (Sun 9th).

Ticket prices will depend on availability, membership status, discount eligibility and which days people would be interested to attend. The full timetable and ticket prices are available to view here.

Transport and/or accommodation may need to be arranged separately if needed.

Please indicate your initial interest to attend to me by early next week if possible.



Raj Dhimar | Broomgrove Badminton Club | T: 0114 225 4724 / 07795434448 | E:


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9 Responses to All England Badminton Championships 4th-9th March

  1. stevedow says:

    I want to go for the Friday and Saturday. Is anyone else up for it this year?

  2. Cray says:

    I want to go on Saturday. But still have no ticket.

  3. Rajio says:

    Hello Cray

    I have bought a ticket for you for the Saturday.

    I’m waiting for them to be delivered to me.


  4. Cray says:

    Yeah!! Yeah!!, Thank a lot, Raj.

    I give the money to you next time when we meet.
    Please let me know how much is it?


  5. Rajio says:

    I’ll let you know about price tickets Cray.

    On another note…

    I’ve also been in touch with Paul Killick (an ex Broomgrove player) who’s said he’d be up for meeting up with us on Fri/Sat.


  6. stevedow says:


    I think meeting up with Paul is a great idea for sure. What time does it all start on Saturday? Will we have time to meet him before it starts?

  7. Rajio says:

    The saturday matches kick off from 12:30pm onwards. We could meet up that morning…or perhaps after the quarter finals the night before?

    He’s said to get in contact with him nearer the time…

  8. stevedow says:

    Great. Am looking forward to it already!

  9. Rajio says:

    It will be good.

    Cray – the ticket price for the Saturday is £19 plus £2 booking fee. The total is £21.

    I’ll bring it down to next week’s Fri club night.

    That alright with you?

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