Courts for Friday 25th January

From Gerry:

I’ll be getting absolute confirmation tomorrow but it appears we have a venue for this Friday at Wisewood school. We have 2 courts 7 to 9. However you’ll need this directions for June to September because there are willing to accommodate us there then. I’ll be getting the price tomorrow Mark. We will only be able to play up to 9 however unless we book more courts ie 3 instead of 2.

The courts are actually in the Community and Sports facilities attached to the school. The school is actually on Rural Lane but the entrance to the parking for the sports hall is actually on Laird Road which is first right off Rural Lane as you come from Ben Lane in Wisewood. It was a decent venue when I was last there.

Both the school and the sports centre are opposite the Wadlsey Jack pub on Rural Lane. Here is a Multimap link to the centre.

Also we have this as a possible venue for the period 2/5/08 through to the beginning of September while Broomgrove is booked, so come along and see what you think.



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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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