The Mighty Broomgrove Badminton Xmas Social 15-12-07

From Rajio:

Thanks to all who managed to make it to the badminton Xmas social on Saturday night.Here’s a post-event review.
Attendees: Sally, Steve, Kat, Michael, Becca, Tom, James, Peter, Raj – later joined by Mark, Sonia and Gareth.

The evening kicked off with a fairly low-key meeting in the Rutland Arms.

The rest of the crew joined us at the Wong Ting restaurant, which I have to say, looked the part with its flash plasma screens and festive decor. The bar staff were all very friendly, and did a great job of getting us started with pre-grub drinks. In particular one lady who wore what looked like some kind of corset and was a professional at effectively using her sales techniques to satisfy the customers! (Ahem).

As far as I can make out the food was enjoyed by all, with a fine selection of courses (I think it was 4 courses plus dessert?) The veggies among us may want to comment on their veggie delights. Chopsticks proved to be a slippery choice, and I persisted for a while but had to give in to the good old fork for the latter part.

The xmas cracker jokes went down a storm and the conversation flowed freely (ahem). Although we were short changed as there weren’t many plastic toys or freebies. Peter kept the xmas spirit going by continuing to wear his hat post-meal at the next venue.

Dodgy DJ
About three-quarters of the way through the meal a strange combination of a ‘wedding style’ DJ/entertainment was thrusted upon us out of nowhere – which I can only describe as ‘cheesy’ and ‘cabaret’. Unfortunately, no one decided to make a fool of themselves on the set of the night sky dance floor this early into the night, although there was definitely some head bobbin and foot tapping going on by Becca and Tom.

Onto a bar…
The novelty cheesy disco, wore thin pretty rapidly. A sharp exit was made soon after dessert. The next venue of choice was bar Muse on West Street where we met up with Mark, Sonia and Gareth. The bar was busy, as you’d expect for a Saturday night. Peter executed the classic position of what Sunday mornings are about by reading the paper and taking in his daily dose of news in the comfy chairs. Many a story and conversation was held, and before closing time we had lost Michael (due to being knackered from the night before), Peter, Kat, Steve and Sally.

After closing time, a pit stop at the local spar place ensured that the night was young and leaving Miss Turner to get her beauty sleep for a rehersal the next morning (that’ll be Becca), the rest of us troopers carried on with the quality tinny taste of “Primus” – which actually was not bad at all, with Gareth opting for the safe Kronenberg (I think). We briefly, bumped into Gerry (passing ships in the night), heading out from Southgrove road (post 1.30am ish). Hmmm -what was the story hear…who knows…

Back at Southgrove Road
The aftermath of post evening conversation was complete with total randomness, with the main highlight being that of sport. In particular, the raging sport of boxing.

The beer kept flowing and what followed next could only be described as classic amateur boxing in ‘real time’ – Step up the competitors, Mark (nudging from the north) and Tom (stepping up from the south). They decided to take it upon themselves to partake in a short bout of ‘light touch boxing’, in Gerry’s front living room! Let’s just say a few bruises may have emerged later that morning! But alas, have no fear – for in true sportsmanship style both live on to fight another day…Although be warned – watch this space – there may be an invite to partake in a local amateur boxing club near you! (If only someone had filmed this!)

By this time, we were pushing on past 4am and it was time to call it a night… myself, Mark, Gareth, and Sonia (who’d spent most of her time curled up asleep) proceeded to endure the inevitable taxi ride back to our homes – leaving Tom and James to sup any remaining beer and go on to contemplate the “meaning of life”.

Until the next instalment of the mighty broomgrove badminton social…A merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!



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