Graves vs. Broomgrove Mens 30-10-07

Official Match Report

The BBC Win Again!!!!
A 7 -2 whoop-ass away win against Graves.

The night started badly as both Jason and Mark showed some hitherto unknown self initiative and decided to make their own way to the match.
Unfortunatley they hadn’t let the team captain know and with both Cray and Evan turning up late things were looking too good at 47 Southgrove.
Things turned worse when the captians careful match order plan was scuppered by Mark filling in the match card in the wrong order!!!

This meant that Mark and Jason took on there best pair first. Mark and Jason took the first set 21 – 17 playing some beautiful badminton. Unfortunately Gary and Chris came back with some good play of their own and narrowly won out for Graves to take a 1 -0 lead.
Evan and Gerry won 2 and Mark and Jason came back with a fine win to set the scores at 4 -1 to the BBC.
This left Cray and Captain Pete with the enticing chance to close the match off against their best pair.

Cray and Captain Peter then steamrollered Gary and Chris 21 – 12 in the second game to take the match.
Captain Peter was heard to say “Yessss….and thats the match” which was a euphemism – see me Friday full the desired terms.

Mark and Jason then picked up another well earned win against Kevin and David – well done lads!
By the time Cray and Captain Peter won the last and final dead game the Graves lot had scarpered home leaving the Broomgrove team to a round of communal back slapping to celebrate a well deserved 7 -2 win.

A smiley face please Steve.

Bring on Mosborough!!!!!

Capatin Peter


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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